Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well, I've been home for far too long now - I know this because no one seems surprised to see me and the Guys on the farm have heard all they want to about my last soil course and can't wait to get rid of me again so they can get on with combining without me bleeting about my next great idea that is going to slow one of our operations like drilling down! - starter fertiliser anyone?

Been trying to get Dad Skype-ing ready for my next trip but between breaking his ribs and blaming the pain on being a bit short wicked and still insisting on going baling lessons have been a bit difficult.

I have been working hard since I got back, GPS soil sampling (blisters and bleeding hands - time to go!) hopefully a little more rain will have filtered through by the time I get back 4 inches is now penetrable just 2 and a bit more to go please mother nature! I have also been trying to obtain some funding to increase my meager (however very greatfully received) Nuffield scholarship - I think this is going OK, two tentative success's so far I think, two more applications to go.

Right will go and check the raingauge again - last count 7mm (yes, I know, 1/3 inch). At least we hit a barley high this week of £140 with the straw as well that might just be the best gross margin on the farm this year - if only we could co-incide growing malting quality when there was a market and feed when there isn't ho hum the tam man doesn't need it anyway!

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