Sunday, August 15, 2010

How do you milk a hazlenut?

Train, Planes and a golf cart - to be more specific, one car, two planes, a golf cart, a skyrail train a quick sprint (to catch second plane) and a minibus -got me from Heathrow to Portland Oregon. Our Heathrow plane was delayed at both ends and with only an hour to catch our connections the great US Homeland Security response - open up more US citizen immigration booths (from 8-10) and close non us immigrant boothes (2-3) and anyone that's travelled to the US knows just how bloody long they take checking your fingerprints, intentions, background, time spent in Afghanistan training with rebels! JUST LET ME IN TO GET MY NEXT FLIGHT! -All this followed the extra security questioning at Heathrow - did i pack my bag myself? No I let some bloke Luke bought home from the pub last night do it. How long have I had the bags? Some guy down the pub sold me them yesterday. Am I carrying anything for anyone else? Yes 200lbs of narcotics. Do I have any electrical devices? Yes. When and where were they bought? -the laptop, phone, i-pod, camera, sat nav... where do I start? AHHhhhhhh!

Got a good chunk of reading done on the plane (I've seen most of the movies on the England to US flights now) currently 'Science in Agriculture' by Arden Andersen. So trying to comprehend the energy flows and magnetic fields associated with cropping and the chemistry behind fertiliser formulations.

So this morning I picked up my rental Hyundai Elantra (car) from a lovely Avis lady who was very concerned about letting this little brit lady out on the wrong side of the road all alone ''do you want me to find you a bigger car?'' I love it, if you're going to be a danger on the road at least be in a big enough vehicle to push everyone out of your way - do damage- do BIG damage!

But all was OK, after maybe a few laps of Portland - my Sat Nav is not so happy here - it tells me where to go... give or take about 5meters, which can encompass about 3 interstates at busy junctions. Good old Avis map sorted it eventually.
I think I like the West coast better than the East and South - had fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast and got salad, quiche, fruit etc from the local deli here in Corvallis (and maybe a couple of beers and a piece of Oreo cheesecake which sounds much better than it tastes) and they have ATM type facilities here that you can pay cheques into -any time. Wouldn't you just love that - we probably don't need the drive through bit though.

Also discovered hazelnut milk this morning in my coffee -yum yum, I'm sold. But how? Why? Who? and Where?

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