Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ok so a few translations: tiling: field drainage, a quarter section: about 20 acres, tea: it'll be cold with ice in

A few culture clashes: yes I do want a beer, no i don't want a large even if it is cheaper, no I don't want to sue, yes I can walk (so can you), no I won't melt without AC.

Yet to get my head around: crossing a state line does NOT constitute travelling. Spitoons. 32 ounce (1litre) drink cartons with modified bottoms to fit car cup holders. Consume food and vitamins separately. As a result of the last point I have felt pretty awful since I got here - I can't wait to get home now to eat food with both natural flavour and nutritional value and my skin can't wait to breathe in un-cooled air.

Damn it! I've been trying to be such a good american today. 1) I got a lift in a grt big car to st louis instead of the metro and bus, 2) The most exercise I've done today is lifting my remote, 3) I had coconut M&M's (which rule), Oreos and coffee for lunch, 4) I had a burger, fries and Bud for tea, 5) I'm watching glee. but I still feel I failed, I needed to add either drinking a litre of soda or using a drive through (food, money, car cleaning etc all available through this retail media).

All this aside I have been won over by the people I have met over the last few days, they are as warm, kind and as focused on their business's as any farmers I have met from anywhere in the world and I've loved meeting them all. I've met Organic citrus, beef, blueberry and strawberry farmers, conventional corn, rice, cotton and soy'bean farmers, advisors and some of their families.

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