Monday, July 26, 2010

''We're still burning bras up here''

What a day, I guess I'll start at 7am when I met Skip - a biodynamic farmer who sprays organic citrus by phases of the moon with an electrostatic sprayer.

Ok, then we drove through Sikeston's rice, cotton and maize area which somewhat resembles the fens, very flat- fields once part of the missisippi basin now farmland and about 4ft lower than the road. We headed for Alans Farm (pictured above with Neal Kinsey who's running the course). Alan rotates cotton with either rice, soybeans or corn.
This is a picture of Alans band sprayer for the cotton which could maybe have a place with subsoiled OSR??? Alan has been a customer of Neals for over 20years - most of his focus has been to lime applications.

We headed back to the hotel for the learning to begin and I sat at the back with two of the loveliest farmers I've ever met. When they found out what I did they thought it was great a girl could be an adviser to farmers swiftly followed by 'do they ever listen to you?' I assured them they do (mostly) which is when one of them said 'that's great, we're still burning bra's round here!' -priceless.

I already have three pages of notes - so Dad, watch out when I get home!

This evening we all headed for 'Lamberts' -I went with Nancy another lady farmer (raising blueberries and strawberries) and two other guys in Nancy's pick up- 4 a breast! -does that sound wrong? oh you know what I mean! Lamberts was fantastically American, huge plastic steins of soda, massive portions of meat and fried food and sweet rolls 'pitched' at you by the waiters - who must be paid a fortune to wear the funky uniforms, plastic red belts and braces - check the picture (that's fear in my eyes).
So now with bursting belly it's off to bed!

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  1. Four abreast in one row of car seats? Perfectly normal. Hope you didn't have to lie across anyone though... :)

    Excellent uniform, hope you picked up a set of those braces for Luke. x