Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Rough Start

...and so it begins - my Nuffield Experience 'Solo' (as opposed to the Washington Contemporary Scholars Conference that I went to with all the 2010 Scholars). Trip 1 is off to a soil and micro nutrition course lead by Neal Kinsey in Missouri, USA - not a place you're going to stumble across! Think plane, 4 hr delay, taxi, hotel, taxi, plane, metro, greyhound bus, taxi... hotel, done! However I am feeling a bit smug that I managed to book it all on the internet with 100% success - 'touching wood' as we speak. OK, so I have a question - what do Americans keep in their kitchen cupboards? I have seen soooo many eateries but only two supermarkets and while I'm on the food subject what do you call a black and brown sloppy mess with chicken and chees on top in a plastic tub - apparently a very old caeser salad urgh, I might have to give in to Mc Hell. There is one benefit to the supersizing over here, I have two beds, two tv's and two couchs in my hotel room...but just me.

So welcome to my travels!

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