Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weed Seeking

I spent New Years Eve with friends in Gunnedah who are farmers and Ag Pilots. On the way I popped in to visit Dave Brownhill, an Aus Nuffield I met in Washington (the culprit of the 'Princess' nickname). Dave is farming with his family on black soils, growing sorghum, corn, canola, wheat, chickpeas and now cotton. Dave has good on farm crop storage and centre pivot irrigators.

Dave begun importing weed seekers to Australia - the company has florished and is a full time concern in its own right. Hopefully developments will continue and 'greens recognition' will open the opportunities up for us to use it. The guys here use it largely in stubbles with roundup where weeds may be few and far between, individual nozzles automatically turn on when a weed is detected in front.

Dave also told me about a union scheme where at 10 years 'long service' an employee is entitled to 10 weeks off - paid on top of ordinary holiday entitlement. These guys had some great employment and work ethics and some seemingly happy employees considering the conditions of this harvest - something must be right!

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