Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The secret to Cams success

The secret to Cams success is partly his green manuring and good use of legumes and livestock but also his compost operation. The star running the show is Blair a young lady with a bright future. Blair has been working with Cam since march and Cam sent her on the YLAD compost course whcih Blair has absorbed and run with. They use a mixture of free waste products such as horse, poultry and cattle manure mixed with straw and hay bales with innoculum to produce good quality biologically active compost. Blair explained to me the fine line between turning too much and not enough, demonstrated how the readings of moisture, Carbon Dioxide and temperature were taken and decisions on the heaps made accordingly. The heaps are covered with a special green tarp which is breathable and blocks the UV rays. The turning is slow and the tarps very heavy, add the heat and it's quite a tough job. - Don't think our HSE would think too much to it!The turning offers the opportunity to add water and possibly liquid trace elements.
A cyclone is forcast here in a few days so everyone is flat out trying to get on the land to deal with the ruined chickpea crop, plant soybeans, fertilise and where neccessary spray and combine still.

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