Thursday, January 6, 2011

Salt water tomatoes

Unfortunately I had to say good bye to the Goodens today - so Isaac got his room back! Onwards today to Brad Stillards about 200kms west of Daves and I popped in to meet Evan Ryan on the way - a Nuffield last year who studied trace elements so we put the fertiliser world to rights in a meeting held on his combine - this is becoming a regular occurence.

Brad farms Cattle, Lucerne, Cereals and Tomatoes with drip irrigation and saline water on a 1 in 4 rotation. Ths soil type is predominantly sand and the rotation seems to be keeping any salinity 'problems' at bay - Brad has tested to prove there is no difference in the irrigated soils and fence lines and normal paddocks. Brad is trying to balance his tomato nutrition and is making good headway.

There is no shortage of wildlife on Brads farm - you would be looking at the perfect kangaroo picture if my camera battery hadn't packed up right at the wrong moment! So sorry guys.
I had the idea that irrigating with saline water would be creating vast salt pan desert like conditions but Brad has proved to me that with careful management it can be sustainable and grow healthy and profitable crops.

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