Monday, November 8, 2010

354 days of sweating

Just got back at the weekend from the Nuffield 2010 conference in Edinburgh to check out the 2009 scholars making their presentations of their papers and wow the standard was high - spent the whole two days panicking about the dogs dinner I'm going to make of mine next year -but I'll be Ok I've been promised by my BOGS sponsors -they'll be there with 'we're sponsoring Jo' T-shirts and score cards so nothing to worry about there then!

A mostly varied conference -bar the first day which was 'dairy day' - I stopped being able to find useful, transferable messages after about the third milkman to address us - with the best will in the world death by dairy is nothing but slow and boring. -Sorry dairy boys you're going to have to work harder than that to keep the audience awake. The variety included a paper on the effect of cropping on the moon - not the first time I have come across this phenomenon, however a lack of real farm data let this scholar down. The winner of bestest presentation went to a thoroughly deserved wind turbine enthusiast -if he can convince a whole community to get on board with a turbine then a room full of scholars must have been a walk in the park!

So back home to the wild winds and rain -not a very inspiring week, however plenty to do as a pick up was stolen two nights ago, we have a new employee start today, grain flying out the door, dad on holiday for two weeks, a whole company to change trading title, flights to book, injections to get to mention a few -all so I can depart in three weeks - really only three weeks S**t better get going!

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