Monday, November 29, 2010

Montevideo, Uruguay... or is it?

We decided to take a trip over to Uruguay for a few days to see some agriculture -it's close to Buenos Aires -just a ferry ride away and the roads are good so hiring a car and having a drive round seemed a good idea. Task 1, check out of hotel without them finding out Luke washed his feet in the sink, the whole thing fell off the wall and water had been flooding throught the room since last night -accomplished -I did sugest to the Hotelier in my pigeon spanish that 'the sink is leaking' which may have been a slight underestimation! Task 2- find ferry port -accomplished, un-eventful. Task 3 -get ferry tickets, get on ferry, arrive in Montevideo - accomplised. Task 4- hire car... all seemed to be going well, we had the keys in our hands and then on parting we said so we're returning it to Colonia? 10 minutes more dodgy and confused Spanglish later and we discovered we were in Colonia already, not Montevideo where we thought we were! (?) -and we thought the language barrier had not been too bad -how wrong we were!

No harm done, they're not too far apart so we set off on the left, no the right, no left, no definitly right side of the road. We have driven about 200kms to Trinidad, passing 'Fray Bentos' and 'Mercedes' on the way (I wonder if they dreamed these place names up whilst watching only fools and horses?). We've had a few good stops on the way, one with a 'second'? hand machinery dealer who is kean for us to help him export old tractors from the UK and the second with a farmer who had just started cutting his wheat at 'tooth breaking %'.

There's been lots of dairy farming, various herd sizes from 2-200, a lot of wheat and oats grown, some barley and plenty of forage. Soyabeans just going in to the wheat stubbles and we've just started to come through beef cattle country. We hope to head up to obne of the worlds largest hydrodam's tomorrow.

I've saved the best for last -we've seen real life Gaucho's along the road, complete with thick sheep skin rugs on their saddles and some really beautiful horses! -very exciting.

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  1. No fair, you're going to have done more countries than I have!!!!! Very jealous!