Monday, September 6, 2010

They're going to get it warts and all!

Why o' why when your sitting back at the end of August feeling smug and thinking everything's in hand and 'I think I can make the Aylsham show' do the alarm bells not ring out with defening thunder and remind you such feelings at that time of year are fleeting and should not be trusted! -with my back turned rains threatened and everything kicked off, both round and square balers couldn't decide which way to turn first, the combine faired better and we got finished on Friday but some long nights and slightly re-shaped sheds were the price, with fields clear my services for GPS soil sampling were under high demand, coupled with the usual August cash flow uneasiness and trying to catch the wheat market as it flys eratically around meant my grand plan of a day off had a serious backlash resulting in me missing the Nuffield 2010 gathering.

After a manic week things look a little quieter this week as the rains come - saying that I was chasing seed in Nottingham this morning at 6am - clearly long enough ago for me to have forgotten it! Most of our rape is in and sprayed -about 10ha to go, no sign of slug or beetle to our relief! This weeks biggest threat could come tommorrow when we have our first ever health and safety review - the local jury is out on good idea to cover one's self and stupid plan that will result in a hell hole of form filling and safety gear shopping opening up to swallow us! -watch this space for the verdict. It was one of those things we thought we ought to do with increasing numbers of employees.... one day and then I rung the NFU and they said 'oh we'll come out in october' -enough time to cancel it I thought, then I get a phone call today 'I'm afraid we're booked up until December' - I go to brazil, argentina, aus and NZ then, ermmm, 'but I have a cancellation tommorrow' -some other bugger nicked my very plan! so stupidly I agree, in hindsight I should have booked up December and let Dad fend for himself!

Should be interesting to see what they say about our burn't out baler in the yard -but that's another story! Anyway, they're going to get it warts and all rightly or wrongly! This may be my last post as tommorrow I may be dragged away by the HSE!

Still a lovely blackgrass flush in both stale seedbeds and stubbles and our V140 leaving the farm at £10,000/load are something to celebrate -shame there's no contract for next year, ah well, new grainstore got planning permission -anyway, must go and check down the back of the sofa for the deposit!

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